Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip Report: PajamaJeans - It All Comes Out in the Wash

So I finally washed the things.  This one's short, but the next post is the one the public (all four of you) is itching for anyway, so I'll be briefer than normal:

They bleed color just like a normal pair of dark blue-wash jeans, so definitely wash ALONE the first time.

I ignored the washing instructions other than that, because I ordered them a size bigger than usual because *a-hem* internet.  Delicate cycle, HOT water, followed by a super-high cotton setting to shrink the fuck out of them, which I suppose I could also write off as a part of the experiment to test the shrinkage level, but I just thought of that and it hadn't even crossed my mind at the time so why lie?  The t-shirt was thrown into a regular cold wash, and into the dryer, because I'm very very very impatient, and I don't see why a pair of novelty pajamas/convenience sweats should be air-dried flat when it takes away part of the, oh I don't know, CONVENIENCE.

The shrinkage isn't so much as I thought, which is a good thing as far as accidentally shrinking them, however actually TRYING to shrink them because you're a douchebag who ordered them too big it's not so good.

Actually, that's about it.  It's a laundry post.

Ah, celebrity blogger I am not.

Tomorrow, the final writeup!  I wear PajamaJeans ALL DAY and tell you about it!  Excitement!

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  1. so no major shrinkage, huh? I guess that could be good...too bad the bastards upped the price so much...